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Portugal's Sandro Norton Named As Fretmonkey International Relations Representative

Fretmonkey Records is thrilled to announce the addition of Sandro Norton as the company's International Relations Representative. The Portugal native is an acclaimed international jazz/fingerstyle guitarist and the owner/proprietor of Atlantic Music Performance Institute (AMPI) in Matosinhos where the Institute provides coaching and industry career training with an aim to create and form a new and unprecedented artistic community in Portugal. The community-minded focus of both AMPI and Fretmonkey Records amplifies the artist community for both entities, and expands both the opportunities for associated musicians and their operations in both the US and abroad. Fretmonkey Studio Owner, Blake Goodwin, stated, "We are thrilled to have Sandro on board the Fretmonkey team and to be working with AMPI. He brings international music industry experience, innovation, passion, and unprecedented energy to the Fretmonkey community. We look forward to making great things happen together."


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