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FRETMONKEY RECORDS STUDIO is a full-service audio and video production company with services ranging from audio including editing, mixing, and mastering of audio files, to high-end production/producer services including multi-media music and commercial videography.  Blake Goodwin can take your next project from concept to fruition through a wide variety of producer services. In addition to providing high-end audio services, we've filmed in unique locations including an abandoned amusement park, fairs, haunted houses, beaches, the mountains, and everywhere in between as well as many cities including Honolulu, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Malibu, and the Mojave Desert including Death Valley! We also are a collaborative studio meaning that we contract and outsource our studio services to other studios and businesses. 


Examples are outlined below. For booking inquiries or exact pricing for your special project, call Blake at 501-499-9034 (USA) or email

The production studio operates out of Nashville, TN

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