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Global Open Mic Night Every 3rd Sunday!

Do you have talent but live too far away to participate in our local open mic events? We want to showcase you on our World-Wide FRETMONKEY RECORDS Monthly Open Mic Night hosted on our Facebook page using Facebook live stream! Hosted by FRETMONKEY NATION Manager - Drew Alkema, the event takes place the 3rd Sunday of every month at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. For consideration, you can submit your YouTube video anytime (at least 72 hours before the event) using our submission system below. All selected performers will be notified via email at least 72 hours before the event. 










                  Drew Alkema, Event Host


Answers to FAQs:

  • Acts are vetted; there is no guarantee that your submission will be selected. So, submit your best song. However, if you are not selected the first time, we encourage you to re-submit (a different song). 

  • You must sign in to the live stream at as soon as we go live from our FRETMONKEY RECORDS Facebook page. For us to be able to pass the video "mic" to you (the tool that allows us to do this) during the live stream, you must like and follow our Facebook page; otherwise the feature is not enabled. If you are not logged on to our live stream, you will forfeit your spot. 

  • Each participant will play 1 song (5 minute max), 2 songs, if there is not a full roster scheduled to play. The song(s) can be original or a cover. Any genre of music is permitted.

  • You are not allowed to do or say anything that could be offensive in any way, including using foul language. We retain the right to cut your performance from the live feed if we feel that something is inappropriate or does not reflect our values. 

  • If you have additional questions, email

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